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Patient Choice Programs

The Patient Choice Cards allow the patient to remain on their brand of choice with little or no additional cost over the generic equivalent.

Patient Assistance Programs

The Patient Assistance Cards are used to help offset or reduce the out-of-pocket patient costs to be collected that are not covered by the patient's public or private drug plan. Some or all of the out-of-pocket patient costs will be paid by the manufacturer of the product up to a defined maximum.

ONE Card

Since you have indicated that you currently have prescriptions for multiple brands, the RxHelp ONE card is the best fit for you.

The RxHelp ONE card provides convenience by having many brand medications covered on just one card. The RxHelp ONE card will pay up to the difference between the price of the brand medication and the generic version. Coverage varies by brand.

New brand name medications are continuously being added so continue to visit to see if medications you are prescribed have been added.

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