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RxHelp.ca's mission is to provide Canadian health care consumers access to brand-name pharmaceutical manufacturers "Patient Assistance Programs".

Patient payment assistance programs are run by many brand-name pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide significant savings on brand-name prescription medicines. RxHelp.ca connects Canadian patients to these pharmaceutical manufacturer's payment assistance programs FREE of charge.

There are 3 main types of programs:

  1. Patient Choice Programs - Allow the patient to remain on their brand name medicine with little or no additional cost over the generic equivalent.
  2. Patient Assistance Programs - Help offset or reduce the out-of-pocket patient costs that are not covered by the patient's public or private drug plan. Some or all of the out-of-pocket patient costs will be paid by the manufacturer of the product up to a defined maximum.
  3. eSample Programs - Allows the patient to receive the prescribed medication for a certain number of days at no cost to the patient, based on reasonable up-charge, mark-up and usual customary pharmacy fee. Physician Access Only.

To use your card you must fill a valid prescription at a participating pharmacy in Canada.

After receiving your RxHelp.ca card simply present your RxHelp.ca card when purchasing your included brand-name prescription at a participating pharmacy and you will receive your payment assistance immediately.

The RxHelp.ca card is accepted at most pharmacies in Canada.

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