Help your employees stay on their brand medications with the FREE RxHelp ONE card.

Free Supplementary Coverage for Employees and their Families

Benefits programs are constantly evolving to fit employee needs and the ever-changing prescription drug market. Many employee benefit plans now include mandatory generic substitution, eliminating the member’s ability to be reimbursed for the cost of a brand name drug.

By offering the RxHelp™ ONE card to your employees, they will be able to remain on their brand medications at little or no additional cost versus the generic alternatives.

The RxHelp™ ONE card can be used in conjunction with your current benefit plan and provides supplementary financial coverage for brand medications enabling patients to remain on the brand name medications and therapies as prescribed by their physicians. The RxHelp™ ONE program is available at no cost to the benefit plan or members.

If you are interested in offering the RxHelp™ ONE program to your plan members or employees, please direct them to this site to download a card. If you would like to obtain cards to distribute to your employees, or would like additional information on the program, please email us at

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