Terms and Conditions

Cameron Stewart LifeScience Canada Inc. ("CSL") has been retained by pharmaceutical
companies to coordinate copay assistance claims ("Claims") rendered for patients prescribed
certain therapeutics by their health care practitioners. Thank you for submitting your claim. The
terms and conditions set out below constitute a legal agreement between you and CSL. By
submitting this claim to CSL, you or any of your staff submitting a claim agree to be bound by
these terms and conditions, and any other Terms and Conditions you may have agreed to with
respect to the Claims.

Accuracy of Information Provided. All information that you are providing to CSL in
connection with this claim is true, accurate and complete. You are solely responsible for ensuring
the accuracy of all information you provide, including personal, financial and medical
information related to the Claims and any request for payment therefor.

Provision of Claims. You warrant and represent that he/she/it will only seek payment for Claims
that would not be reimbursed or compensated by any other third party source of funding for the
patient, including any provincial health plan or private insurer. For clarity, CSL and
pharmaceutical companies should be the payer of last resort with respect to the Claims. He/she/it
will not seek payment for Claims for which you have already received compensation from any
other party (including without limitation any provincial health plan).

Payment Terms. HCPs: When this claim has been reviewed and approved, payment will be
issued to your account using the banking information submitted by you, or, if no banking
information has been submitted, using the most up-to- date banking information that CSL has on
file with respect to your account. The total amount of time required to process and issue payment
is estimated to be approximately thirty (30) days from the date that the claim is accepted by CSL.
Patients: You will be paid via Interac within 48 hours.

Privacy. All personally identifying information, including financial information collected by
CSL from you shall be collected, stored and used in accordance with the CSL Privacy Policy,
available at www.cslifescience.com and CSL shall comply with all applicable data privacy laws
and regulations. All personal, financial, and medical information disclosed to CSL through your
submission of this claim, including any information required by CSL to process your payment(s),
will be used solely for purposes of verifying the information submitted on this claim, and
providing payment as reimbursement for Claims. Information provided may be stored in a
jurisdiction other than Canada where the laws related to privacy may be different than those of

Jurisdiction. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario and the federal
laws of Canada without regard to conflict of laws principles. You also agree and hereby
irrevocably submit to the exclusive personal jurisdiction and venue of the courts of the Province
of Ontario with respect to any disputes.

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