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RxHelp Launches Re-designed website!

Nov 01, 2012

Cameron Stewart LifeScience is pleased to announce the launch of the redesigned RxHelp.ca website. RxHelp.ca has undergone an overhaul to modernize the look and functionality of the site and to more easily provide information about pharmaceutical patient programs available to healthcare consumers.

"RxHelp has become a recognized brand of pharmaceutical patient support card programs in Canada, as a card program innovator we are committed to making it easy for patients to access programs that support patient choice in medication decisions and programs that provide payment assistance. To this end we are excited about the changes that we have made to www.rxhelp.ca that help reach these goals." Craig Martin, President, Cameron Stewart LifeScience Inc.

The re-designed site makes it easier for patients to see which programs are available for their brand medication and in providing details on the payment assistance that the program offers. Patients can then order a physical card that will be mailed directly to them or where available they can print off a card for immediate use or ask for one to be sent to their smartphone.

It is also now more convenient for pharmacists and physicians to order cards. They can register their contact information once and create a username and password. On each subsequent visit they can log in and easily order cards with one click or use the Quick Click Order function to order cards from multiple programs.

RxHelp.ca's mission is to provide Canadian healthcare consumers access to brand-name pharmaceutical manufacturers' payment assistance programs. Patient Choice Programs allow patients to remain on their brand name medicine with little or no cost over the generic equivalent. Patient assistance programs help offset some or all of the out-of-pocket costs not covered by public or private drug plans.

New patient support programs are continually added to the site, remember to check back often to see if there is a program for your medication and click on Share this Page to let your friends and family know about us!

Visit the new www.rxhelp.ca today!


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