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The New RxHelp.ca makes it even easier for patients to get a patient assistance card

Jul 20, 2015

July 20, 2015 [Toronto] - Cameron Stewart LifeScience Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the updated RxHelp.ca website. The new site was designed to make it simpler for a patient to find their branded product(s) and get the card that best fits their needs.


With more people accessing the web while on the go the responsive design improves user experience significantly by adjusting the information provided when viewing on smartphone or tablet.

When arriving to the site the patient indicates their province, they are then provided a visual list of logos for all brands available in their province. By selecting the brand or brand(s) that they are interested in the algorithm will decide which card is best suited to their selections. The patient then chooses how they want to receive the card. It’s as easy as that!

Patients will have the option to order physical cards, print off a card or receive the card on their smartphone.

“RxHelp.ca has always been at the forefront of digital offerings for patient financial assistance card programs and we are continuing to develop ways to simplify the process of getting a card into patient’s hands.  With the new site patients can easily identify their brand(s) and within a few clicks have a card. They can also elect to be notified when additional brands have been added to their card. This new site continues to align with our objectives of keeping the patient foremost in our thinking.”

                                                                        Craig Martin, President, Cameron Stewart LifeScience.


Visit the new www.RxHelp.ca today!

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